CDC Will Produce Demonizing Ecig Ad

The CDC has been a vocal and active opponent of electronic cigarettes. As such, it has not grown tired of attacking the industry and community in every way possible. In fact, it recently made known about its plan to produce a demonizing ecig ad.

Anti-Ecig TV Spot

The CDC is launching its casting call for its imminent demonizing ecig ad. A generous $2,500 will be offered by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plus travel expenses to former smokers diagnosed with serious health conditions after they have cut back their cigarette consumption through electronic cigarettes.

The effort is more like finding vaping actors and actresses who will agree to act according to what CDC believes about the devices: evil, unhelpful and deadly as opposed to what the majority of users have reported.

The casting call even has its own flyer and letter. Based on what the documents contain, CDC aims to call the attention of former smokers aged 20 to 60 years old who have been using electronic cigarettes or smokeless tobacco for at least one year while still smoking combustible cigarettes. The CDC also wants to hire those people who thought that using ecigs or smokeless tobacco in cutting down cigarette consumption would be beneficial to their health.

CDC wants the person to be later diagnosed with a condition after using ecigs so that it could use this person as a tool it could use to further demonize the products. Its probable plan is to focus the spotlight on the condition that still remains even though the smoker has made the switch or that the condition occurred after the person started using ecigs.

Upcoming National Education Campaign

The casting call is part of the process for the upcoming CDC program entitled Tips from Former Smokers. Apparently, the agency has already launched similar campaigns before where supposedly real people were featured. Just like its other campaigns, the demonizing ecig ad is also said to feature people with life changing stories. Thus, the national lookout for prospective participants was launched.

A letter has been written and sent to various entities that could help the agency identify people who might fit the criteria or who might be interested it the campaign. A Webb Millet Casting representative will be contacting these entities in behalf of CDC if referrals are available. The letter stated that all applicants will get sensitive, respectful and dignified treatment.

All people, regardless of background are welcome to participate. The center particularly wants applicants with Asian ancestry. All applicants must also be tobacco-free within at least 6 months.

Applicant Criteria

Apllicants that CDC is looking for should anyone aged 30-65 years of who have of have have colorectal cancer linked to smoking cigarettes; anyone 40-65 years old with macuylar degeneration due to smoking; anyone 20-60 years old who have used cigars with cigarettes, cigarillos/little cigars with/without cigarettes thinking that these products are better than tobacco cigarettes; but developed serious health conditions as they smoked; anyone who has used ecigs or smokeless tobacco for at least one years while still smoking cigarettes; anyone who though that these products are good for health while reducing cigarette consumption; anyone who was still diagnosed with serious ailment despite reducing cigarette consumption.

In order to be accepted fr the project, the applicant must be able to travel for the filming of the TV ad; is willing to submit necessary background check; and is willing to have his/her doctor sign the legal statement that verifies smoking has caused/contributed the ailment. Most of all, the applicant should have already given up tobacco for at least 6 months. Interested applicants must respond or send in their application online until May 30, 2014.

What V2 Electric Cigarettes Is Offering

The V2 Ecigs is probably the most favored e-cigarettes based in the US nowadays and it has an ever-increasing interest in its items. It is not hard to see why since the company produces high value electric cigarettes at great quality. Acquiring over 1 million pleased customers, V2 E Cigarettes claims to also have the very best selling e-cigarettes ever since it arrived on the scene in 2011. The V2 cigs review also declare that they provide the thickest vapor inside the entire industry as well.

Products purchased from the business within 30 days can be refunded if customers find themselves unhappy about them. Individuals are able to perform this by calling the toll-free line of the business, customer support or via the live help in their website. Online users can just log inside their own accounts and click on the return order that is much simpler. The business is going to reimburse the products from customers as long as they can still be located in their boxes.

The 2 piece design is being utilized by the V2 Electronic Cigarettes products much like what the top manufacturers are performing. This means that the user will simply have to charge the battery, screw in the cartimizer and it would be ready for smoking. One of the better advantages which is supplied in the design is that their users can get a whole new atomizer every time they change cartridges depending on the V2 ecig reviews. They can refill this on their own by pulling the top from the cartridge.

A minimal price of $49.95 is all that’s needed in order to reap the benefits of their basic starter kit which supplies everything V2 e cigarette coupon code. Many other flavors can be found from their items that people should have a look at. These products that they offer come with the very best quality and designs while doing so.

The driving force within the success of the organization is because they constantly provide top quality to their buyers. As a result of development and research initiatives prepared, there is even a more improved e-cigarette being created. Apart from this, the company also sells accessories of high quality which would complement the products of V2 Electronic Cigarettes like the expert E Cigarettes starter kits and outstanding eliquids. What causes them to be even better is that it is joined with the best customer service from a business.

The organization continues to stay on the surface of the industry as it offers quality goods to buyers. The latest technology that V2 Electric Cigarettes is offering is easily obtainable by customers. As time progresses, the company is going to continue evolving and bettering to meet the requirements of their customers on the way.

The business would even offer various electric battery lengths for its purchasers. The shorter batteries will possess a size of 100 millimeters, 110 for the normal and 140 for the lengthy ones. With out regard to the proportions of the battery, manual and even auto model are available. Inhaling is all that is needed for the automated devices to work while the manual ones would demand a button to be pushed.

A lot of individuals are proclaiming that the manual items are providing better yields in relation to vapor than the automatic batteries. The organization is just one among the list of few manufacturers today that is able to providing two types for its merchandise.

The company V2 Ecigs provides exactly what their customers need in terms of the electronic cigarette ordeal. Folks would have a much better life while inhaling vapor rather than dangerous smoke. Reading through the V2 cigs reviews offers the person with increased information on the merchandise.

Info on USB Cigarettes

Have you experienced having your electric cigarette running out of power just when you needed it the most? If that is certainly the case, using a USB cigarette is the best addition to the electronic cigarette collection of enthusiasts. However the question still remains to be, what is a USB cigarette?

These E-cigarettes are products which have their very own cords attached with a USB plug at the end. These plugs are likely to let folks attach these to computers, insert their chosen cartridge and smoke away. This is likely to let individuals smoke without needing to worry about life of the battery and this can be used at any time at the same time.

These appear exactly just like a mini rechargeable electric cigarette battery. It might readily provide the amount of nicotine necessary for order to flavor the cartomizers which are disposable. Yet instead of a lithium cell inside is going to be the USB port which may obtain its power straight from the computer it is attached to.

The USB cigarettes are a perfect addition to any electric cigarette kit these days. Users may use them at the job or at any time that they’re located near their computers. This can also allow folks to smoke while they’re still charging their own electronic cigarette electric batteries. Having it connected to a standard USB port inside a desktop or laptop is all that is required to be done. Exactly the same type of smoking experience is supplied to users much like that of the standard electronic cigarette electric batteries.

The greatest thing about USB powered ecigs are that they are cheap, and when combining coupons with the purchase of them you can get them for an even better price. The Green Smoke coupon and V2 coupon code is 2 of the most popular discounts to use for a USB Ecig.

A USB cigarette gadget may also be employed through a vehicle’s cigarette lighter or an electric powered outlet. In most of cases, regular wall plugs is not going to with the USB cigarettes or those coming from other brand names. Many of the electronic cigarette businesses will provide their particular separate set of high-powered adapters that were made particularly to power up these USB cigarettes via a wall or a used car.

Folks can begin by connecting the wall adapter into a wall outlet and then putting their Ecig immediately after it. Inside the car, push the adapter from the cigarette lighter socket after which plug in the USB to be used.

So as to keep safe, people really should not be using their USB cigarette while they are operating on their vehicles. The cable can certainly get tangled into the arms of the car owner which is going to have an effect on their steering. Travellers are the only types who may use this or if the vehicle is safely parked.

These cigarettes are likely to provide an excellent smoking experience even from the office. Folks can smoke using their USB cigarettes at their tables while working. People who do not want to head outdoors just to get yourself a quick puff makes this an ideal choice.

The USB cigarettes will likely have the same advantages being offered as that of the rechargeable e-cigarette electric batteries. These units are not likely to leave the lingering scent of cigarettes behind nor will it produce ashes soon after. The product is expected to supply the same amount of vapor volume since it has its own power source. The USB cigarettes will grant people to make full use of their devices even in spots where regular smoking is banned.

These will largely rely on their cabling in order to get power yet there are new gadgets today that will not depend on any cord in any way. This type of USB electronic cigarette can be utilized while it is linked to a power supply. The unit can be unattached which will enable people to make use of it just like any normal e-cigarette.